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Wait, What? Is a web-series featuring three award-winning professional influencers with drastically different audiences! They present new experiences and adventures using their unique mix of fun, humour, and fearlessness on 8-episode seasons. These web shows will be broadcast on the Wait, What? Facebook and YouTube and cross-promoted among each of the team’s social channels.

We are all travel lovers/bloggers/influencers/content creators.

First up – Christopher

This is Christopher from Rudderless and yes his voice is smooth… like Barry White smooth! Need a bedtime story told to you? He’s your man!

What’s Chris all about? Aside from his quick wit and sharp tongue, he’s well known for his short trips and stopover/layover itineraries and his YouTube travel vlog.

in 48 hours, he takes a city; sees the sights, tastes the food, smells the roses, hears the stories and feels the love.

Next – Kathryn

Also known as KathrynAnywhere. She’s the take-no-prisoners, fuelled by coffee and wine, adrenaline pedal to the metal, Mom of two, life hacks and outdoors expert.

What’s Kat all about? She earned her itchy feet in her youth when her parents took her on summer road trips across Canada and ever since, she has been hooked on the notion of always being on the move! With or without her children in tow, she’s collecting airline points and passport stamps as a hobby

Last but not least, – Kevin.

This is Kevin, the dad from Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel – he’s beautiful and unique, like a snowflake – that’s how he describes himself on his Facebook page, but to us, he’s our beloved tech and family travel guru! 


What’s Kev all about? This avid traveller, photography enthusiast, adventure junkie dad of two is on a mission to encourage families to travel. He provides tips and tricks to make travelling with children a breeze! He should know, he’s been to more than 32 countries!

Work With Us

We are a take-no-prisoners mom-life and outdoors expert Kathryn (KathrynAnywhere), food and short trip travel genius Christopher (Rudderless Travel) and adventure family travel guru Kevin (Wandering Wagars), a powerhouse video production and content creation team. Wait, What? Is all about driving people to break free of their comfort zones, to get out and experience something new. The Wait, What? Team pushes each other into new, and exciting adventures each episode, and they want your brand to be a part of that action. Is your business experience-focused? Are you looking to introduce your brand to a new or wider audience? Would you like to show how much fun your product is for those experiencing it for the first time? The Wait, What? Team is exactly what you need.



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